May. 8th, 2017

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Steve is very calm and matter of fact about what's happened between them, when they wake the next morning. He disentangles himself from Tony gently, ruffles his hair one last time, and stretches, sliding out of bed. Neither of them ever finished their coffee.

Steve limits his chatter to Tony to the usual 'good morning' routine, carries the cups to the kitchen and washes them, and generally tries to be as low key as he possibly can about it. He doesn't want to embarrass him, and he really doesn't want to scare him away. He assumes, perhaps wrongly, that acting like cuddling with Tony for most of the night is just routine is the best way to approach the situation. At least Tony can rest assured Steve won't be sharing any private information with the others.

He gives it a day, going about his usual affairs, training and sparring, going over intel, trying to predict where they might be needed next...but while the others finish dinner, he goes looking for Tony specifically, trying to catch him alone.


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