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Jul. 25th, 2017 10:09 pm
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Steve Rogers is the approximate equivalent of ten pounds of spite and obduracy in a five pound bag. Really, it's just who he is. He'd be the same single-minded little bastard whether he were an Omega or a Beta, although in the former case, hormones might at least knock him off course every now and again, soften him up and make him listen to the people around him who care about his welfare.

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It's just after one of these aborted rut periods, in an afternoon in late summer, and Steve has had a half-day of work. He can only hold down a part time job at a printing press, but with a little supplementary income from freelance magazine illustrations, it's enough. He tries to cook when he can, since Bucky works more hours, but his energy and enthusiasm for the task is somewhat lacking right now. He opted to make egg salad for sandwiches, and there's a little bacon left over from breakfast sitting on the counter. It's not much, but it'll fill them both. Meanwhile, he's propped open the only big window in the flat, and he's sitting on the sill, asthma cigarette in one shaky hand, blowing the smoke out into the open air. From this position, he can usually see when Bucky gets home, coming up the street.

Ice Castles (for magpiemythos)

Jul. 22nd, 2017 09:44 pm
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Summer in Brooklyn is not quite as scorching as it gets further south, but it's plenty hot enough, in Steve's opinion. It's no good for his asthma, for certain, but occasionally leaning against sun-baked walls does something to ease his back. He and Bucky spend as much time in the movie theater as they can afford. There have even been times they couldn't afford it, and the normally meticulously-honest Steve genuinely considered sneaking in, just to sit in the dark and cool.

They tried it once or twice, but Steve's guilt complex won't let them make a regular habit of it.

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