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First of all, give me all the Gen/CR/Action threads with anyone, castmates or cross-canon. I tag slow and occasionally vanish due to RL, but I'm basically friendly and don't bite.

I ship M/F and M/M. Will play smut but I'm happy to fade to black, too.

YES PLEASE (in no particular order): Bucky, Peggy, Sam. Poly-ships with any mix of the above and/or anyone mentioned in 'Yes with CR'.

Yes, with CR: Natasha, Tony, Phil, Thor, Loki.

Convince me: All Avengers not elsewhere mentioned. Howard Stark. Sharon Carter (I know, but it's just weird to me that she's Peggy's niece. But I do like the character and would love CR.)

No thanks, but give me gen: Red Skull, Rumlow, Peter Parker (Too young. But they should be friends.) Darcy.

Cross-canon and anyone not specifically mentioned in no thanks: A resounding maybe? If the CR is good, I can probably be talked into it, but I don't want to promise anything.

However, as mentioned above, I'm always up for gen and platonic interaction.

By default, I'll play Steve in compliance with MCU canon, post TWS or post CW. I'm also interested in pre-serum and/or de-serumed shenanigans with any castmates.

I'm probably up for almost any AU you can throw at me, except any AU where he's willingly working for Hydra (captured/brainwashed/blackmailed is fine).

I would love to explore a de-serumed or AU situation where he's his original tiny unassuming self but has all the strength and enhanced cognitive capabilities he has post-serum. So, skinny little super-guy? Scrawny Steve hauling helicopters around? Why not?


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